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Welcome to Kindergarten (WTK)

​​​​This is the starting place for information related to our "Welcome to Kindergarten" or WTK program at Huband.  WTK is a process that starts in May with a WTK visit by new Kindergarten parents and their child, and then continues in the first weeks of September with "gradual entry".  ​


The Mission Statement for WTK is "The Welcome to Kindergarten Program brings together families, school and community agencies to support children as they enter school. The goal is to share strategies and resources that make early learning through play, a priority in the home and support children in a successful transition to school.”  


Welcome to Kindergarten and gradual entry are based on the Motto "Talk Read Sing Play every day!  These activities are building block for social emotional and intellectual development in your child.  The graphic below explains in more detail what each of these parts of the Motto do for you and your child:



The four most important things for parents to know about the transition to school is as follows:

  1. ​Transition is a matter of equity
  2. A smooth transition to school makes a difference for children’s outcomes.
  3. Families play an important role in the transition to school.
  4. It’s all about relationships- among families, early years programs, schools and communities.

Huband Park offered our WTK visit on May 28, 2018 in preparation for September 2018 school start.  Parents would have recieved a WTK bag that contain a range of books, activity suggestions and information.  The bag and contents looks like this:
The bag contained a letter from the principal as well as a copy of "My Child's Story" for parents to complete.  This document will serve as the main part of "welcoming conversations" that will happen during gradual entry.  If you did not complete this summary,  you can get another copy here:  MyChildsStorytoComplete.pdf

September brings our gradual entry process.  Students new to school in Kindergarten do not just start going to school 5 hours a day from the very beginning.  There is a gradual process of building time at school so your child's overall entry to school is as successful as possible.  Below are some documents for you to review about Huband Park's gradual entry program:


Click here for the principal's letter to parents from May 28th WTK event:    

Click here to download a PDF presentation that gives more general info about WTK:    
Attached are two documents posted on July 4th. This is the instructions for the beginning of gradual entry - what events and times are happening and which groups of students participate at each time. The second document is the list of children and what group he/she is attached to. Please email the principal at if you have any questions or you want to change your Welcoming Conversation date or time. Monday the 10th in the afternoon is the the alternate date and time for welcoming conversations.