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Walking Field Trip


Dear Parent / Guardian: 

Your child will be involved in a variety of activities, which involve the student leaving the school grounds on foot. School district policy requires the school to have the consent of parents each time the student leaves the school grounds. Rather than send home a permission slip for every activity, we are asking you to permit us to take you child on walking trips around the neighbourhood, a maximum of 1.5 Km away from the school.

Here at Huband, we often use the boardwalk out behind the upper field leading to Willis Way.  Students will be supervised by their teacher during all walking field trips. Teachers will carry a phone and basic first aid materials. The forest between the school and Huband is part of our school and thus when we use it no permission is required. In all cases teachers will let the office know when are where they are going.


The risk of injury exists in all student activity. However, due to the very nature of some activities, the risk of injury may increase. The safety and well-being of students is a prime concern and every effort is made to minimize the foreseeable risks inherent in each activity. Risks can  involve tripping, and bug bites. 

If, for some reason, your child/ward cannot or ought not to participate in local activities of this nature, please let us know.


 Parental/Guardian Informed Consent

I/We understand and agree that the above is a part of the school program.

I/We also understand that as a result of participating in this program that the participant is expected to follow the school’s procedures and code of conduct and that any deviations from these may result in consequences from the school.

I/We, having read and understood the above INFORMED CONSENT AGREEMENT in its entirety, consent that our child/ward may participate in local activities and events. (Note: Before your child/ward may participate in any local community activities, this signed consent form must be received by the school).


Any field trips other than the above will continue to be dealt with using individual event forms. Should you have any questions, please contact the school at 250-338-6596.

Gracie MacDonald 

Acting Principal