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Tech Rights and Responsibilities

Parents/Guardians:  Please review this document with your child so you are aware of the rights and responsibilities for students for SD71 technology and personal technology that students may bring to school to use for personal and educational reasons.

The Technology Rights and Responsibilities framework is intended as a guide to support essential conversations about digital use, and help develop socially responsible skills, habits and attitudes in all members of our learning community. The intent of looking at both rights and responsibilities is to assist us in creating an inclusive and respectful culture which promotes participation and active citizenship in each unique learning community.

Privacy Rights

I have the right to:

  • Keep my personal information, including my image, private.
  • Develop my identity and to share it in the way that I choose.
  • Be assured that when I give my personal information it will be kept safe and only used in appropriate ways.
  • Correct any of my personal information that is inaccurate.
  • Have my personal information stored in Canada and nowhere else unless I choose for it to be.
  • Protection, if I report something.

Privacy Responsibilities

I have the responsibility to:

  • Take responsibility for my choices and actions.
  • Learn about and always be aware of the risks of sharing my personal information and images with others.
  • Not take someone else's identity (e.g. use another's password).
  • Not take pictures of others on school district property without their permission.
  • Report inaccuracies in my personal information.


Copyright Rights

I have the right to:

  • Be known as the author of works that I have created.
  • Use content, music, images, etc. for my personal and educational use.
  • State how others will use works that I have created and own.

Copyright Responsibilities

I have the responsibility to:

  • Acknowledge and respect the ownership of others over their works.
  • Respect the right of other authors to state how they want their works to be used.

Use and Access to Information Rights

I have the right to:

  • Learn, and communicate my learning.
  • Create new works.
  • Have an opinion and to express myself.
  • Access and use district resources.
  • Locate and share information.

Use and Access to Information Responsibilities

I have the responsibility to:

  • Seek out quality content that will help me learn and/or perform my duties.
  • Use district resources for educational, school, and district related purposes (e.g. non‐profit).
  • Use no more than my fair share of district resources.

Behaviour Rights

I have the right to:

  • Feel safe and be respected.
  • Be protected from being hurt or mistreated in body or in mind.
  • Choose who I will associate with.

Behaviour Responsibilities

I have the responsibility to:

  • Respect the rights and freedoms of others.
  • Not hurt or mistreat others by what I create and share.
  • Treat others fairly and not harass, stalk, threaten, insult or attack others.
  • Report unsafe and inappropriate behaviour.

The school district has updated their language around computer and internet access and responsible use.  Below is the new updated language for September 2017:

Overview/Guiding Principles/Context: 

The Computer and Internet Access Responsible Use Agreement (herein called the "Agreement") shall govern the use by students and school district employees (herein called a "User") of any computer equipment, software, wide area (WAN) or local area network (LAN), e-mail and/or Internet access including WiFi (herein called the "System") provided by the Board of School Trustees of School District No. 71 Comox Valley (herein called the "School Board"). The System is provided for students and staff for educational and/or research purposes and/or school district related activities. This Agreement applies to School Board equipment or bring-your-own personal electronic devices like a smart phone, tablet or laptop (herein called "BYOD") used in and around any School Board facility. Use of the System in any capacity, especially Internet connectivity, is a privilege, not a right. Access and/or use of the System require authorization by the School Board. Such access is made available only so long as the User complies with all of the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement signified by a student, parent and/or employee signature yearly. Users agree to abide by any rules and regulations subsequently made by the School Board and Users understand that the School Board has the ultimate authority to restrict the scope of access or deny access to the System for a User. The School Board provides access to the System to support the learning objectives of a student's personal education plan and/or facilitate an employee's school district business by providing educational tools and resources, Internet access with searching and browsing tools, an e-mail account to facilitate electronic communication and System storage space. There is a wide range of material available on the Internet, some which may be offensive, illegal or conflict with the values of some families. The School Board will endeavour to limit access to offensive materials from the Internet by filtering incoming material, but it is not possible for the School Board to prevent a System User from accessing inappropriate materials via the System on a School Board owned device or a BYOD device. Everyone should be aware that the School Board tracks all System traffic and that System storage space is School Board property, and as such, not private. Parents/legal guardians should also be aware that a student who can access the Internet via a BYOD device that uses its' own data plan (commonly referred to as "3G" or "4G" or "LTE") has unlimited and unfiltered access to the Internet. The previous statement about unfiltered Internet access is also true for a BYOD device that can bridge Internet access to another device (such as a smart phone that bridges Internet access to a tablet). The Superintendent or designate will oversee the district's System and support training in the proper use of the System. Users will be provided with instruction on responsible use guidelines and this training will emphasize the ethical and responsible use of the System. Students will be given instruction about appropriate and inappropriate use of the System at school and it is the recommendation of the School Board that Parents/Guardians will review this document with their child at home. Users are responsible for all the activity within their account so there is a requirement for Users to review this document and seek out clarification and support if it is needed with respect to any use of the System. Responsible Use Expectations: Responsible use of the System means Users will conduct themselves in a responsible, decent, ethical, and polite manner while using the System (in the same way Users would conduct themselves in a classroom or any other environment where they would represent their school/school district). The following rules are intended to clarify expectations of conduct for Users, but should not be taken as all-inclusive, as the School Board cannot outline every possible scenario of System use - either appropriate or inappropriate. The School Board requires students to use the System in accordance with general expectations of student behavior outlined in School Board Policy as well as school-specific codes of conduct. The School Board requires employees to use the System in accordance with this Agreement. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, set out below in Section 1 through 7, may result in one or more levels of access to the System revoked, and/or disciplinary action, ranging from loss of privileges to suspension and/or legal action. The school or School Board reserves the right to apply disciplinary consequences for System activities conducted away from a School Board facility (like a student's home) if such activities adversely affect the safety or well-being of students or other members of our educational community, or constitutes behavior that reflects poorly on students, staff, a school or the school district. Section 1: Personal Safety As a student, I will protect my personal safety when I am online by not posting my personal information, unless I have the permission of a responsible adult. I will agree not to meet in person anyone whom I've met online. Responsibility for any meeting rests solely with my parents who are advised they should accompany their child to such a meeting. I will tell my teacher or other staff member if I receive an inappropriate message, communication or contact that makes me feel uncomfortable, intimidated or afraid. As an employee, I will protect my personal safety when I am online. No System or BYOD device with audio or video capability is allowed in a washroom or change room in any school board facility during school hours or outside of school hours or during a school or School-Board-sponsored event like a field trip. No System or BYOD device is allowed in any Examination sitting. Section 2: Online Behavior As a student or employee, I understand that I continuously represent my school/school district whenever and wherever I use online communications (both at school and at home). This includes, but is not limited to use of the Internet, e-mail, chat, instant-messaging, texting, gaming and social networking sites. I understand the concept that online communications can be forwarded, copied, or traced and can last forever on the internet. I will be respectful and polite in all of my online communications with classmates and teachers. I understand that there is Internet Filtering on the System to protect everyone from inappropriate Internet material but I will immediately disengage from any inappropriate material if I come across it in my responsible use of the System. I will not harass, insult or otherwise hurt another person or any organization by my actions using the System. Section 3: Privacy I will not share my System password with anyone, or use anyone else's System password. If I become aware of another individual's password, I will inform that person or a member of the school staff. I will be ethical and respect the privacy of others through the System and Internet and will not share or access other's folders, files, or data without permission. I understand that School Board tracks all System traffic and has the right to look at any data, email, logs, or files that exist on the System or on individual computers without the prior consent of System users. In addition, the School Board reserves the right to view or remove any files on the System or on individual devices without prior notice to Users. The School Board will cooperate fully with any participating school district, local, provincial, or federal department in any investigation concerning or relating to any use of the System. I will not share or post online personally identifying information about any member of the school community without permission (addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, photos, videos, etc.). I will not pass along a message sent to me unless I have the permission of the person who sent it to me. I will not make audio or video recordings of another student or teacher without his/her permission and I will not forward any type of information sent to me by other Users via the System or my BYOD device. Section 4: Use of School or School Board System Resources I will not play games, instant-message, use social media, or access music or videos at school, unless it is part of the curriculum and/or is authorized by a responsible adult. I will use my System e-mail and System storage space only for school-related activities. I will not use my System email account to send out mass unsolicited messages or to forward chain letters, joke collections, or other objectionable, threatening, harassing, damaging to another person's reputation, offensive or hurtful materials. I will not use System's technology resources for commercial activity, for monetary gain, or for any illegal uses. I will not deliberately perform any act which will negatively impact the operations of anyone's computers, printers or any other part of the System. I will not make any deliberate attempts to degrade or disrupt System performance. I will make an effort to keep my computer free from viruses, malware, ads or other destructive materials. If my computer is accidentally infected, I will seek help from an authorized support employee. I will not store, transfer, or use software or settings for hacking, eavesdropping, System administration and/or monitoring or participate in any attempt to circumvent System security. I will not install or boot to non-approved operating systems on System computers. I will obey posted rules such as no food or drink and no running or horseplay, to physically protect computers and laptops. I will treat equipment carefully and with respect including: computers, laptops, tablets, headphones, printers, cameras, scanners, projectors and interactive whiteboards. Section 5: Unacceptable Materials I will not search for, or download any material which is offensive, lewd or pornographic. Offensive material is pro-violence, contains profanity, is hateful, discriminatory, or anti-social. Pornographic material contains the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity. An exception to the previous two statements is granted for teacher assigned research projects only as part of a student's educational plan. If I mistakenly access inappropriate information, I will immediately disengage from it and notify a responsible adult. Section 6: Copyright and Plagiarism I will properly cite any resources that I use in my work. I will not plagiarize from any sources. Plagiarism is taking someone else's writing, images, or ideas and presenting it as your own. Except for "educational fair use" as defined by a teacher, I will not copy, save, download or redistribute copyrighted materials (files, music, movies, software, etc.) Students should assume material is copyrighted unless otherwise stated. Section 7: Personally Owned Computer Equipment and/or Devices (BYOD) I understand that, with permission, I will be able to connect BYOD equipment to the System WiFi to access the Internet as part of this Agreement. This includes, but is not limited to, cell phones or smart phones, iPods, iPads and personal laptops and/or tablets. I understand that WiFi Internet access is a privilege, not a right and that only the "open 71" WIFI access is to be used by students. Students who are found to be accessing the secure WiFi part of the System will be in contravention of this Agreement. I understand, as a User, that technical support from district technicians for service, repair, or maintenance of any BYOD devices is not available but every effort will be made by school personnel to support Users in their ability to access the Internet via a BYOD device. The School Board or designates may require all BYOD devices to be identified by the unique media access control address (MAC address) of the device. BYOD Users should expect to be asked to provide this alpha-numeric code from their device. If the MAC address of a User's BYOD device is requested, as part of this Agreement, the User is required to provide said MAC address. Failure to comply with this request will result in the User not being able to access System resources with their BYOD device. The School Board will not be held liable for any personal content housed on a BYOD device. School administrators have the authority in their role of ensuring a safe climate for all, and acting as a "judicious parent", to take control of a student's BYOD device if there is a significant concern and view any and all content on it (including pictures, videos, text messages, etc). Parents/Guardians will be notified as soon as possible about any Agreement concerns that school administration may have about a student. Parents/Guardians who have an expectation for student privacy with a BYOD device should not allow their child to bring that BYOD device to school. The School Board is not responsible for any physical damage, loss or theft of any BYOD device. All Internet use and/or texting charges are the sole responsibility of the User. Users are responsible for bringing their BYOD device home each day and returning it fully charged and Users are responsible for keeping the BYOD device secure when not in use. Student use of their BYOD device is to support the instructional activities in the classroom under the direction of a responsible adult, and must be turned off and put away, if and when requested by a responsible adult.​