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Bell Times and School Schedule

Huband Park has a similar day structure to all Elementary schools in SD71.  A regular day at Huband is as follows:


Warning Bell at 8:40am


Start time is 8:43am (2 minutes have been added to each day this year to meet total instructional minutes in the year with 2 week spring break)


Recess is 10:30am to 10:45am (changed from last year to give a few extra minutes to the early morning learning time)


Lunch is 11:45am to 12:30pm (students each lunch in their classroom until 12 noon and then go outside to play until 12:30pm)


End of the day is 2:30pm


Our school has 6 buses so bus students arrive between 8:10am and 8:40am.  There is supervised gym time and supervised quiet library time before school.  If it is not raining, we usually send everyone out side at 8:20am until 8:40am.  This is also supervised by adults.


At the end of the day, the buses are lined up in front of the school and leave promptly at 2:35pm.  Bus students must walk out directly after school and board their bus so they do not miss it.  The buses always line up in the same order and that is:


1st in the line up is bus 811 (stops the furthest past the front door)

2nd is bus 824

3rd is bus 801

4th is bus 812

5th is bus 828

Last bus is 814 


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