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September Take Home Info - Consent Forms and Student Information Verification

September is an important time for schools.  One of most important tasks is updating student information for our administrative system and getting consent from parents to enable us to provide opportunities for students.  There are 3 tasks that need to be completed as soon as possible.

Step 1:  Review the Student Information Verification Form.  
Please write changes directly on the form to update email address, phone numbers, contacts, etc.  
This form needs to be returned to the school.  The top of the form looks like:

Student verification form looks like this.


Step 2:  Please complete the Protocol and Consent Form
This one form replaces a number of different forms that we used to send home in a big package.  This was environmentally unfriendly and once parents returned the consent forms to us, most of that paper was no longer needed.  We are attempting to streamline and simplify the process for parents (and be more environmentally responsible as well).  

Please review the numbered items below (shown below as Link number 1 through 6).    These are important information items to help you be informed with specifics as you fill out the Protocol and Consent Form. These are electronic copies of the various information items​.  ​You need to review the following 6 links, and then complete the Protocol and Consent Form that needs to be returned to the school ASAP.  This one form takes the place of the individual consent forms sent home previously and helps us be more environmentally appropriate. 

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Technology Rights and Responsibilities
  3. School Emergency Program Guide
  4. Outside Media Consent
  5. Personal Information Consent
  6. Walking Field Trip

The consent form looks like this:

Protocol and Consent looks like this.


Step 3:  Review and complete the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation form and return it to the school with the Protocol and Consent Form and corrected Student Information Verification.  This CASL form only has to be complete once for your child in SD71 so ONLY applies ​to new Kindergarten families and families new to Huband for 2018-2019.  The header of this document appears below for your convenience.