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Welcome back to school! This week's news, and, our restart plan is below: Image

Welcome back to school! This week's news, and, our restart plan is below:

Sept. 27:
Dear families: 
We are looking forward to some good weather this week in the valley; it sure makes all the outdoor learning we do more pleasant! Thanks for sending your children to school in "all kinds of weather" clothing.
Thank you to all our students who are respecting the no hats/hoods in the building expectation, as well as the no cell phone use during school time rule. If your child needs to call or text you, they are welcome to do that with adult permission and supervision. We also have a student phone in the office again. 

Thank you for not stopping in the bus loop before or after school. Idling and letting children in and out of vehicles while the buses are loading and unloading is dangerous. 

Dates to remember:
Sept, 30 Wednesday is Orange Shirt Day. Please encourage your child to wear orange that day. Our classes are learning about reconciliation and residential schools to mark the day,

Friday Oct. 2 is Terry Fox Day. If students want to bring in a "toonie for Terry" the money raised will go to the Terry Fox Foundation. All students will be doing an age appropriate run around the neighbourhood with their cohort during class time on this day. 

Monday Oct. 5 we have a special guest, Tundra the wolf, visiting divisions 13 to 17 outside. Go to for more information. 

Thanksgiving this year is Monday Oct. 12, and there will be no school that day.
The first professional development day will be Oct. 23. 
Tuesday Sept. 22
Attached are the latest guidelines for schools from the BCCDC. You'll notice the health checklist has been updated. 
Monday, Sept 21

Earthquake comfort kits: as we do every fall, we will stock a ziploc kit for each student containing some safety items, a snack, and writing material and toys. I am looking for your input here: this year PAC and our school are considering making a kit up for all students, (you personalize the kit with your letter and contact info which we add to your child's kit). The cost of this kit will be $10 per child. The kits as always will be sorted by class and stored in the c can. If you DO NOT want us to to do this for you and you want to make up your own comfort kit for your child, let me know. We plan to make up the kits in the next two weeks. 
Verification forms along with media consents and walking trip consent are due now, thank you for you help confirming your information.
Orange Shirt Day and the Terry Fox run 40th anniversary  is coming up and our students will be planning and participating in both events. More information to come.
Outside in all kinds of weather:  every Huband student is participating in outdoor learning this year, with Ms. Hedican, myself, and with their classroom teachers. This is curricular work integrating science, daily physical activity, applied design, geography, indigenous learning, and more. Students can expect to be out in all kinds of weather and thus need to have rain gear (boots, coats, rain pants, a hat, dry socks) ready to go at school every day. If you are struggling with the cost of this kind of raingear, let me know and we can help financially.
School supplies: thank you for your $40 payment for school supplies.Tuesday September 15th
A reminder that we can't give out spoons this year at the office!
If your child arrives late, please ask them to use the front door, and head to class. If they arrive after 9 am, they can report to the office for a late slip.
Sunday September 13
Welcome back! Tomorrow, Monday, is students' first day back full time! Welcome to all the new families and staff members  joining our Huband community.
What's a cohort? 
A cohort is a group of similarly aged students who form a bubble and can play and work together without distancing or wearing masks. These students and their teachers are scheduled for outdoor and indoor play and work opportunities as a group.
Note: The cohorts have been renamed below, as well as one lunch time half an hour earlier.
This week: 
Monday, September 14 – full time school for all Grade 1-7 students.
Pack in pack out lunch:
We are asking all students to pack out  all their garbage and recycling from their snack and lunch. Teachers will be helping students with this.
If you are dropping off and picking up, please do so from the gravel parking lot.  **Please do not drive around or stop in the bus loop** this is a long standing expectation that we need to return to, for safety. 
School supplies: your child's school supplies are here. You may send $40 with your child cash or check. 
Buses are running as they normally do. 
A Grant, Maki, Nye
B Fleischer, Houlgrave
C Wilson, Carter
D Rudolph, Nichol
E Collins, Knezevich
F Birnie, Perry
G Driver, Rockhill
H Fraser, Haughton(Mollerup)
Safety procedures
Here at Huband Elementary School we value a safe and caring learning environment for all. We celebrate everyone’s unique qualities. We believe that everyone can learn, build relationships and contribute to our school community. The heart of Huband is community.
This school year will be different as we adjust and adapt to help keep all of us safe and healthy through the Coronavirus pandemic.  We are prepared as a school to continue to provide a great learning environment and welcoming community for our families.
The first few days:
All our plans and procedures are based in the safety protocols  and procedures outlines by both the school district and the BCCDC.  On some points the district is holding a higher standard.  Some of the highlights in these documents are:
·         Masks:  Elementary students are not required to wear masks.  The district will provide each staff and student with 2 re-usable masks. Many students and adults will choose to wear masks.
·         Handwashing:  Students will wash hands or use hand sanitizer many times in a day, whenever they move to a common space, before and after eating, and when entering the class.
·         Staying home when sick:  By bringing students to school parents are confirming that they and their family are healthy and free of any signs of illness.  Students and staff need to stay and home notify the office if sick.
·         Kids who get sick at school:  Our first aid attendants will support students who are sick, they will be isolated from other staff and students until parents are able to come pick them up.
·         Cleaning:  There are increased cleaning procedures in place, and daytime custodians at school to help keep it clean.  Frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected twice daily.
Student groupings
Classes will be paired up into cohorts of no more than 60 students and staff, who will be able to learn and play together.  In these cohorts, students will be expected to minimize physical contact.  For any staff and students outside of the cohort students will be keeping physically distant when inside and avoid physical contact when outside. We have staggered outside breaks as well as assigning entrance and exit doors to reduce density.
Daily Schedule
·         Before 8:35 – students can join staff on the field.
·         8:35 – warning bell, students meet teachers to come in
·         10:00-10:30 – recess for ABCD
·         10:35–11:05 - recess for group EFGH
·         11:30 -12:00– second recess for group ABCD
·         12:05 - 12:35 second recess for group EFGH
·         2:30 - dismissal
Moving around the building
Students will be able to use common spaces such as the gym, library, and music room.  They will wash hands before going into these rooms.  Teachers and staff who are outside of the cohorts listed above (LSTs, Administrators, etc.) will have to keep physically distant with students or wear a mask.
Directional arrows will help students to move down the right side of hallways and keep distant from other classes.  Student movement through the building will be closely supervised by staff.
Bathrooms will be limited to 2 students at a time.  Water fountains are turned off, but bottle refilling stations are available.  Please bring a water bottle to school every day.
Students with diverse abilities
We will continue the processes that have been established district-wide and are already in place in our schools: Case Management; SBT—Referral/Review process; development of IEP/Learning Plans; assessment processes/assessment
Each student with diverse abilities/disabilities or designation will be assigned a Case Manager or PVP/Counsellor contact.
Case Managers and/or PVP/Counsellor contacts will connect with families to ensure that they are aware that their child/youth is welcome to attend school and to provide an update on their child/family
We will continue to monitor school re-engagement levels of vulnerable students and families and will follow processes to connect with these families.
Case Managers/PVP/Counsellor contacts will bring students forward at SBT Review Meetings (to be held in the first 2 weeks of return to school) to review vulnerability, learning needs; EA supports, district specialist support, health and safety support; mental health support of all students in the cohort.
Parents and other non-staff adults
Parents will not be able to come into the school without the permission of the school administration.  Teachers will meet their students outside and bring them outside again after school for dismissal.  If meetings are required we will schedule them for phone, online, or outdoors if possible.  There will be no volunteers or user groups in the school building.
If students are struggling with transitions to school in the morning, staff will be outside to support them.  On the first days we will help students with which doors are to be used by which classes. Parents may drop their children off at the parking lot drop offs or at the doors in the morning and pick them up at the same door after school. Siblings should make an arrangement to meet each other at a common door for pick up. 
Other issues
There are a number of things we need to figure out in the upcoming days and weeks.  For now, salad bar, hot lunches, volunteers, sports, assemblies, morning gym, and a number of traditional school events and ideas are on hold until we can find a safe way to bring them back.
·         We want to keep you informed.  We recognize that too much information is overwhelming.  We will try to keep messages brief so they can be easily read.
·         Weekly emails (or more if necessary) will come home as things change and we adjust to it. 
·         This webpage is a good place to find current info
·         If any issues or questions cannot be resolved through the teacher, please contact the Acting Principal Gracie MacDonald at
Take care,

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