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Important Notice!

May 29th, 2020
Dear families, welcome back! We are so looking forward to seeing you! 
Our goal is to ensure the highest possible standards for health and safety and at the same time provide a warm and welcoming environment for all.  In order to maximize health and safety here's a few Information items and  guidelines ...thanks for taking the time to read through them carefully.
-Students will play outside with supervision until the first bell.
-Students will meet their teachers outside and have a quick health check (see below) 
-We are expecting a maximum of 90 students on any given school day.
To avoid unnecessary congestion students will enter and exit the building for the rest of the school year through one of 4 designated doors beginning at 8:40.  Staff will assist students find their designated door.  Signs will be posted on each of the 4 exterior school doors.
-If you are meeting your child after school please meet them outside their designated classroom door 
adults are reminded to always abide by physical distancing rules ( 2 meters ) at all times
-Students will be asked to answer a few Health and Safety questions before they proceed to their class
-Please have your child remain at home if they are sick.  If you have a member of your family who is self isolating please do not send your child to school.
-If your child becomes sick while at school it is very important that we are able to have them picked up as soon as possible by your emergency contact person.
-Please ensure your child is dressed for the weather as classes will take advantage of the outdoors as much as possible.
-Parents/caregivers are not permitted to enter the school anytime during the day
-Please speak to your children about why it's important to wash their hands frequently and to not touch their friends and adults for now. Staff will be assisting students with physical distancing, frequent hand washing, not sharing materials and not touching another person or their belongings.
-Students need to bring their own lunch, snacks and water bottle. Drinking fountains are out of use. 
-Students may not leave personal items in the school at the end of each day are not permitted to bring their own personal toys or sport equipment as we need to ensure that all school equipment that is used each day will be disinfected daily.
-All classrooms will be disinfected at least once each day.  Washrooms will be disinfected two times each day.
-Please ensure that your child's medical information is up to date and that any items such as epipens are at the school.

Take care,
April 20th, 2020
Dear families: 
1. Wave parade! As we start our 3rd week of learning at home, I am reminded daily that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Thank you to all of you for coming out to say hello last Thursday. It was a very emotional experience, and so fabulous to see all your faces! Here is a link to a short video of the event 
2. Victory Gardens: Our talented parent, Daniel Peruzzo, has created two videos you might like to watch. This one features familiar Huband families talking about victory gardens: This weekend Al and I tore up part of our yard and planted strawberries and potatoes. This summer will be my first ever not with family in either Vermont or New Brunswick, but we are looking forward to eating our own food.
3. Stress: If you and your children are feeling anxious about all the things we can't control in our lives, Rob Prescott has passed along this excellent resource, check it out:
4. Tech support: this is from the team at the IT department: "While we will do our best to provide support for district services (e.g. accessing Office 365, password / login assistance, MS Teams), there will be some limitations due to the vast variety of technology in everyone’s home. Requests for support are to be directed via email to:"
5. Community resources: the most up to date resources guide for the valley is attached. 
6. The Mother's Day flower baskets: if you ordered a basket, you will be picking it up at Outback nursery in early May. More information to come. 
7. This is a link to another set of videos, "kids questions about Covid 19" from Daniel:
Take care,
Gracie MacDonald
March 31st, 2020
Hello Huband Families:
Today and tomorrow teachers are taking turns coming to school to pick up laptops and other must-haves. Thank you so much for keeping us all safe by not coming to school to pick up your child's things. We will get to that! Yesterday we had a long, virtual meeting to talk about our plans and share the work to be done. I am so grateful to work with such a team of caring professionals. 
You will receive a phone call and possibly also an email from your child's teacher this week. Please call us at the school if your contact information is out of date! Teachers will be looking for your input and your needs regarding technology.
If you are struggling with food security, please email Gracie at confidentially; there are supports available. Robb Prescott, our valued counselor, is also available to talk with you or your child. The school's Facebook page @hubandpark and website will be updated as often as possible with information, links and resources in the coming days. While teachers are getting their planning and connecting set up, please consider reading, and playing games (cards, board games, outdoor games) as much as possible with your children. Cook together. Teach your children a hands-on skill. Sadly we have to cancel the cookie dough fundraiser, so money from that will be reimbursed as soon as we can organize. Thanks to Sabrina Hysa for all her work on this. 
Our year-end field trips have now been canceled (camp, track, and field, big house, beach day). It is a sad time and it was very emotional for me to be in an empty school today thinking about all you all at home. If we all try to stay at home, this will eventually end. 
Email or call me any time, 
take care,
Gracie MacDonald
March 30th, 2020
Hello Huband families,
First of all, we hope that you are all safe. We miss you. As you know, the province has suspended face to face instruction, and we will now be leading students to learn from home. Our goal is to maintain supportive connections and provide some routine and learning for your children. Our building may be closed, but our hearts are open.
Only Gracie, Bill, Alison, and Jackie will be working in the building next week.
Teachers will be making contact with all of their students and parents. Expect a phone call sometime next week. We want to reconnect kids and teachers and gather some important information for us to move forward in your child’s learning. Next week teachers need some time to plan as well as connect with each child and with you.
Families, please do not come to the school. We will set up a system for you to get your child's belongings down the road.
Teachers will work towards providing learning activities for students focusing on literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional connections. There will be a mix of activities and as much choice as possible. It will look different in each class and for each child, just like how school was before the break, and our plan is for students to do school work for at most two hours per day. There will be plans for online learning, or if you prefer, paper-based learning.
We are in very fluid times and everything in this e-mail may change come Monday. The best source of information is our School District Please don’t believe anything you see or hear unless it’s from a trusted source. Ask Gracie or Bill if you have questions or concerns!
We know that many of you are anxious, nervous, worried, scared. We know that we have very trying times ahead and we know that we are going to make mistakes. Our plan is to take things slowly, carefully and with compassion. We ask for your patience and 2-way communication along the way. Starting on Monday, you can contact us at school in the usual ways:
Email your teacher if it’s a class-related issue or email, or
Please, take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Get rest, relax, laugh, and enjoy your last few days of holidays. We’ll figure this out, together, starting Monday.
Gracie, Bill, and the Huband team

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