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Biking Information ( iRide )

This is the page to find out information about "iRide" mountain biking which is a big event at Huband.  Students participate over three days in the fall and learn mountain biking skills.  We have 3 divisions who participate each year.

To help make sure we are all ready for our first day, can you please send me a copy of the class schedule / time-table for our 3-day visit?  This template can be used - Link


As a reminder, all waivers are to be completed online.  Please ensure to enclose the PDF Parent Letter with any other material sent home to participant’s parents, as this includes the waiver (registration) - Link


Parent helpers are a huge asset.  If possible, please have 1-2 parents available to assist on the 1st day, and 3-4 parents available to assist on the 2nd and 3rd session.


We prefer that families fill out an online waiver/registration form.  The info is found here: